The LTS trains suitable men for the office of the holy ministry in the Lutheran church, and women for the office of deaconess. Prospective students can find the application packet here:

Letter from Rector Dr. C.W. Winterle to prospective students

Application Form

Addendum 01 – Additional Documentation Required

Addendum 02 – Financial Disclosures and Commitments

Addendum 03 – Pledge of Service for LTS Students

Applicants must be members in good standing of an established Lutheran church in fellowship with the LCSA, or of a Lutheran church body with which an agreement for the training of candidates exists. They must also meet the academic criteria for admission (South African certificate of higher learning or matric with university exemption, or local equivalent as certified by the South African Qualifications Authority). If the church body to which the applicant belongs has its own seminary, a credible explanation certified by the applicable bishop or dean must be submitted along with the application stating the reasons why the student seeks to study elsewhere. In addition, the following documents must be submitted:

  1. Proof of residence.
  2. Baptismal certificate and confirmation certificate.
  3. A handwritten Curriculum Vitae (CV) in which you motivate in one to three pages why you want to study Lutheran theology.
  4. A written testimonial from your local pastor and also a written recommendation from either the dean of your diocese or bishop of your church in support of your plans to study theology and become a pastor. These two documents must sent directly to the address of the LTS.
  5. A testimonial from your school principal or academic dean.
  6. South African candidates must have passed the National Senior Certificate (matric) and submit proof of having done so, or else be a graduate from another nationally accredited tertiary institution. Proof of highest academic qualification attained must be submitted.
  7. Foreign candidates must have completed a minimum of 12 years of schooling and have their qualification evaluated and verified by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA, as essentially equivalent to that of the South African National Senior Certificate. Such proof of the applicable SAQA certification must be submitted.
  8. Candidates must have achieved at least an E in English as home language or first additional language, or else provide proof of English competency by means of a successfully completed National Benchmark Test ( The applicable certificate of completion must be submitted.
  9. Police clearance from your local police station.
  10. A health certificate signed by your medical doctor not older than 3 months.
  11. Proof of medical aid coverage / health insurance.
  12. Photocopy of your ID/Passport with a recognizable photo.
  13. Foreign students who have been admitted will need to submit a copy of their visa on arrival for administrative purposes.
  14. If married, please attach a copy of your marriage certificate.
  15. Candidates must successfully complete in writing and submit pre-seminary module work provided by the Rector of the Seminary.

Once the packet is complete, preferably scan it in and send it to, or send it via post to


Lutheran Theological Seminary in Tshwane

P. O. Box 12547

Hatfield, 0028

South Africa