Membership and Governance Structure

LTS Ownership

 The LTS is co-owned and governed by three church partners, sometimes referred to as “members” or “shareholders.” Two of these partners are Lutheran church bodies: The Lutheran Church of Southern Africa (LCSA) holds a controlling share of 40% of the LTS, while the Free Evangelical Lutheran Synod in South Africa (FELSISA) holds a share of 30%. The third partner is a closely associated Lutheran mission society, the Mission of Lutheran Churches (“MLC”, also known as “Lutherische Kirchenmission” or “Bleckmarer Mission”). It also holds a share of 30%.

Ownership of LTS by percentages

The ownership of the LTS is exercised by way of the so-called “members’ meeting,” a panel to which each church partner delegates representatives. The LCSA has the right to nominate three representatives, while the FELSISA and MLC each nominate two. At present, the members’ meeting is constituted as follows:

  • Bishop S. Modise A. Maragelo (LCSA)
  • Dean Mandla Thwala (LCSA)
  • Rev. Roger Zieger, Bleckmar, Germany (MLC)
  • Rev. Christoph Weber, Durban (MLC)
  • Bishop Dr. Dieter Reinstorf (FELSISA)
  • Dr. Manfred Johannes (FELSISA)

The members‘ meeting elects one from its ranks to serve as chairperson. Currently, Rev. Christoph Weber serves in this capacity.

LTS Governance

While the members’ meeting provides oversight, policy decisions, and general direction to the LTS, day-to-day governance is delegated to a Board of Directors (BOD) which usually meets four times a year. Each partner organization appoints two directors to the BOD for a fixed term, while there are also several persons who take part in meetings in an ex officio capacity.

The 2018 BOD is constituted as follows:

  • Chairman: Dr. Gunter Rencken (MLC)
  • Dr. Bogart Shole (LCSA)
  • Mr. Kurt Paul (FELSISA)
  • LTS Rector Dr. Heinz Hiestermann (ex officio)
  • Treasurer Mr. Ralf Gevers (ex officio)
  • LTS student representative Mr. Mpho Moema (ex officio)