Two of the LTS directors are retiring on 31 December 2021: Mr P. Ntshoe (LCSA) and Mr H. Meyer (FELSISA). Mr. Ntshoe has been a director since 2013, Mr. Meyer since 2017. To thank them for their service, they were invited to a farewell lunch, attended also by LTS BoD Chairperson Dr. G. Rencken, as well as the LTS fulltime academic staff. Mr. Meyer will be replaced Mr. Kurt Paul (Panbult, FELSISA). The LCSA will elect a replacement for Mr. Ntshoe.

Just a reminder: The other directors of the LTS are: Dr. B. Shole (LCSA), Dr. G. Rencken (MLC, Chairperson), Dr. H. Hiestermann (Rector). The First Vice-President of the LCMS, Rev. Peter Lange, has been nominated by the LCMS as their representative to support the work of the LTS. While Vice-President Lange is not an official director of the LTS, he attends the Board of Directors meetings. The Treasurer, Mr R. Gevers, as well as the current Student Representative, Mr. G. Masemola, also attend the Board of Directors meetings.