This time I took three classes instead of the usual four. There were only three which matched requirements for my Ph. D.

I took “Worldviews and Living Religions” with Professor Robert Bennett. The course was about different kinds of worldviews in such religions as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Animism especially in Madagascar and in Africa as a whole. It was a good class. We covered a lot of books including some by the lecturer himself. “Planting & growth of Churches” was taught by Dr. Detlev Schulz . It was both theoretical and practical. Examples of church planting in an American setting as well in the LCSA especially Botswana were mentioned. It was a good class with a lot of learning materials. I am still waiting for result of the class.

We also took “Old Testament Paradigms for Mission” with Professor Dr. Walther Maier III. He was so patient in showing students mission paradigms from the Old Testament. He showed us examples of God where He uses Israel as instrument for His mission to other nations. There are examples of Gentile nations which were converted and had faith in God of Israel. Other examples are of individual converts who were converted to the God of Israel e.g. Rahab, Melchizedek, Esther etc. A very positive experience.

I now have only two classes left: History of mission and Missiology Today. I will be doing one independently, and I plan go to Fort Wayne in June next year for the other.