On Wednesday, 8. October 2019, the LTS welcomed a group of visitors to the campus, all of whom are members of the SELK, our German sister church. The visitors toured the revamped LTS campus and met with staff and students during their visit. The group was led by Pastors Christian Tiedemann and Axel Wittenberg. Both of these men have long-standing connections to the confessional Lutheran church in South Africa. Pastor Tiedemann grew up in South Africa as the son of German missionary Kurt-Günter Tiedemann and served first as missionary in Dirkiesdorp and then as pastor of Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Wartburg, South Africa from 2008 to 2014. Pastor Wittenberg served as pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Arcadia (which meets for divine services in the LTS chapel every Sunday) from 2009 to 2012. Both now live and serve as pastors of the SELK in Germany.

The visitors are on a trip to see the sights of South Africa and to visit places where the Lutheran Church is at work.