What a treasure trove!

It might seem somewhat redundant to say this, but a tertiary education institution without textbooks is a little like a fish without water. For much of this year, the LTS has had to get by without textbooks, due to financial constraints. Staff and students at LTS are all the more grateful to the Saint Philip Lutheran Mission Society for their wonderful generosity in procuring textbooks for the second semester at LTS. Students are shown here receiving with open hands and hearts “Prepare the Way of the Lord” by Steinmann and Lessing, “Church and Office” by CFW Walther, “Christian Dogmatics III” by F Pieper, “Ethics of Sex” ed. by G. Grobien, “Pastoral Care under the Cross” by R. Eyer, and “Lutheran Catechesis” by P. Bender. Words do not suffice to express the full extent of our gratitude. A word of thanks also to the heavy lifters who brought the books back from the USA in their luggage (Rector Winterle, Rev. Nkambule, Bishop Maragelo).