What can or does typically happen in a week at LTS? To give you a glimpse in seminary life, below a few events from last week are listed:

On Monday, October 25, the last week of classes before the final examinations of 2021 had started. After class, Rev. Nkambule and Rector Hiestermann started calling in the students one by one to give them the opportunity to reflect on the past year at seminary, and share the positive and negative experienced they had.

On Tuesday, October 26, it was the birthday of our Greek lecturer Robert van Niekerk. To celebrate his birthday, Rev. van Niekerk brought cupcakes to seminary – with Greek written on them, of course…

In the afternoon, the last LTS Board and Member meeting of 2021 took place via Zoom.

On Wednesday, October 27, in the afternoon, brass band practice took place with Dr. Manfred Johannes. Students are very keen and classes are going well.

On Thursday, October 28, one of the younger students, Mongezi Mabaso, helped some of the older students to prepare for a computer literacy test on Friday. He showed them how to work with spreadsheets. For us lecturers, it is good to see that students are helping each other this way.

On Friday, October 29, at Matins, we remembered the Reformation started by Martin Luther in 1517. Rector Hiestermann preached on Galatians 5,1-6.

On Sunday, October 31, LTS lecturers Birru, Nkambule, and Hiestermann along with five students attended the farewell ceremony of LCSA bishop emeritus David Tswaedi in Soweto. Rev. Nkambule spoke a word of thanksgiving on behalf of the LTS.