LTS Classes Resume

After a refreshing break following the June exams, almost all LTS students have returned from winter recess, ready for a new quarter. Thanks be to God for safe travels. Classes have commenced, and we are off to a good start. This quarter, depending on their level of studies, the students are taking some of the following classes:

  • Ministry to the Sick and Dying – with Rev. Nathan Mntambo
  • Church Polity and Administration – with Rev. Mbongeni John Nkambule
  • Law and Gospel – with Rev. Mbongeni John Nkambule
  • Symbolics: Pneumatology (Sanctification and the Means of Grace) – with Rev. Tobias Ahlers
  • World Religions and Cults – with Rev. Dr. Karl Böhmer
  • Ethics of Sex and Marriage – with Rev. Mbongeni John Nkambule
  • Catechesis – with Rector Dr. C. Walter Winterle
  • Woman of the Church – with Rector Dr. C. Walter Winterle
  • Church History IV (from the Reformation to the Present)  – with Rev. Dr. Karl Böhmer
  • Greek 220 – with Ds. Robert van Niekerk
  • Hebrew 220 – with Ds. Anthony Pearson
  • Academic Skills – with Tutor Thandeka Maseko
  • OT Isagogics – with Rev. Mbongeni John Nkambule
  • Hebrew Lectio Continua – with Ds. Anthony Pearson
  • Greek Lectio Continua – with Ds. Robert van Niekerk


The following intensives are also scheduled:

  1. July – 10. August Intensive 3 2018 with Prof. Dr. John Pless (Luther’s Catechisms – the Lord’s Prayer) and Rev. Dr. Tom Aadland (Gospel of John)
  2. August – 7. September Intensive 4 with Prof. em. Dr. Dr. Werner Klän (Theology of Concord) and Rev. Dr. Daniel Schmidt (Stewardship and Finances in the Church)
  3. – 21. September Deaconess Intensive with Dcs. Grace Rao (Deaconess Spirituality)

That is a full load! Please pray for our students as they diligently apply themselves to their studies, that these endeavors may come to fruition and help them in their quest to become  church workers.