Thanks to some very generous sponsors and the gracious efforts of the St. Philips Society, we have been able to procure textbooks for most of our classes this semester. Here are some pictures of grateful students in the Catechesis and Church History IV classes with their new books. Thank you to all who contributed! We are most grateful for your help. We are also very glad to have found the Augustine Bookroom right here in Pretoria (Constantia Park), a subsidiary of Good Neighbours Bookshop, and we look forward to a fruitful relationship with them in future as we continue to seek avenues to procure textbooks for our classes. Since almost all of our textbooks come from the USA, it is always a challenge to get them to South Africa at a good price. Having willing book carriers (read: Staff members and visiting instructors flying over) certainly helps a lot! If we could find ways of shipping our books here at a reasonable price, that would help even more (and save our book carriers the hassles of traveling with great big cases and boxes of books). Any suggestions?