From January 29th to February 2nd, six LTS lecturers have changed roles, and became students again. They are attending a training course on the “Design and Development of Learning Material”. The course focuses on:

  1. The Design of Outcomes-Based Learning Material
  2. The Development of Outcomes-Based Learning Material
  3. The Design and Development of Outcomes-Based Assessments
  4. The Evaluation of a Learning Invention

Training takes place at a private institution, and will hopefully help with the continued improvement of the LTS academic programme.

The lecturers attending are Registar Rev. Hanfato, Rev. Mntambo, Mr. Schütze, Rev. Schnackenberg, Dr Sithole, and Rector Hiestermann.

God willing, the 2024 will start next week, on February 6th, with the welcoming and orientation day.