Pictured here is a donation of ground maize, locally known as maize meal, which is used to prepare “mieliepap,” a type of porridge and a staple diet item in South Africa households. This maize meal was donated to the LTS by LCSA congregations from the Northwest Province in South Africa and ferried to the LTS by LCSA BOD member Mr. Bogart Shole. Over the course of the year 2018, the LTS has received record numbers of food donations from both LCSA and FELSISA congregations and individuals, which have gone a long way toward reducing food expenditure at the LTS and helping the LTS meet its budget. It means that the LTS has needed to spend less than a quarter of the R180,000 budgeted for food expenses this year, freeing up the funds for much needed procurements elsewhere. If all goes according to plan and if current trends continue, more than 50% of the LTS income will have been derived from local donors in 2018. This is a tremendous blessing, and we at LTS would like to express our gratitude to all who have supported the LTS in one way or another this year – in the form of financial donations, food gifts, supplies, prayer, or volunteer work.