St. Paul’s member and local building contractor Mr. Stephan Albers put the LTS in touch with Mr. Henri du Plessis, an architect who has been tasked with drawing up plans for the seminary library expansion. The current library building has become too small for the books, and so the need has arisen for a bigger library with more shelves. At the same time, space is to be provided for more students to do research in the library on computers, accessing digital material available only in electronic format. Dedicated funds for the initial expansion have been allocated by the St. Philip Lutheran Mission Society (SPLMS), for which we are very grateful, and we plan to begin with the project as soon as the plans have been finalized and  approved. Watch this space! Pictured with Mr. Albers and the architect are Rector Dr. C.W. Winterle and dedicated LTS librarian Mr. Mintesinot Birru.