Visiting with Pres Harrison, Dr. Albert Collver, and Rev. Kevin Robson

Rector Dr. C. Walter Winterle is currently on a visit to the LCMS, together with LCSA Bishop Modise Maragelo. The visit is intended to strengthen church relations between the sister churches and to discuss possibilities of cooperation with regard to Lutheran theological education in Africa, and in South Africa in particular.

The two African churchmen visited members of the St. Philip Lutheran Mission Society (SPLMS) in Elmhurst, IL on Saturday, August 11. The SPLMS supports the work of the LTS in South Africa. Pictured here are Rev. Anthony Oliphant, who has lectured at the LTS in the recent past, and Rev. Chris Maronde, chairman of the SPLMS.

Rector Winterle and Bishop Maragelo also attended the Lutheran Hour Ministries Conference  in Milwaukee, WI. Here they met up with Dr. Kurt Buchholz, President and CEO of LHM, and they also encountered some familiar faces at the conference.

A meeting was held with Dr. Laabs of the Lutheran Education Association – LEA, and representatives from LEASA (LEA South Africa)

On Tuesday, August 7, Rector Dr. Winterle and Bishop Maragelo had a very congenial and productive meeting with LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison, his assistant, Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver, who also serves as Executive Secretary of the International Lutheran Council (ILC), and LCMS Chief Mission Officer Rev. Kevin Robson. The two South African representatives also met up with Rev. Timothy Scharr of the Southern Illinois District (SID), which has worked closely together with the LTS in the past.

May the Lord God grant His continued blessings upon the trip. Rector Winterle and Bishop Maragelo are to return to South Africa on August 16.