Group photo

The South-East Cell of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (FELSISA) decided to join hands and solicit donations to extend, renovate, and refurbish the LTS Guest Rooms. A sponsor from St. Paul’s generously funded the cost to have the rooms stripped and reconfigured. Instead of one room with an adjoining bathroom, the layout was extended so that there are now two guest bedrooms leading into the living room and bathroom. The bathroom itself was retiled and new fixtures were installed. The work of cell group was to clear out adjoining trees, address structural challenges, and apply two coats of paint to the interior.

Under the leadership of Mr. Günther Heyman, the cell group met on Saturday, 16. February on the LTS premises. Together with 9 volunteers from the LTS student body, the day was spent with hard work. Mr. Hugo Meyer of the LTS Board of Directors graciously donated meat for a very welcome braai over the lunch hour.

The project was intended to augment the professional services of Mr. Stephan Albers of Kliprich Construction, who is responsible for the entire refurbishment.

In addition to the renovation costs and to the donated labour and services, the group is still soliciting additional donations to furnish the guest rooms. The following items are requested:

  • A sofa/couch
  • Two bedside pedestals
  • Cupboards/closets
  • A desk
  • Blankets, pillows, and bedsheets

Photos of the interior will be posted once the project is complete! Thank you to ALL who worked so hard to pull off the joint project.