LCMS Rector and Bishop Maragelo at the LHM office in St. Louis

During their visit to St. Louis, LTS Rector Dr. Winterle and LCSA Bishop Maragelo stopped by the Lutheran Hour Ministries’ headquarters. Afterwards, they were invited to dinner at the house of one of the Brazilian Lutherans serving in the US, Rev. Nilo and his wife Liane Figur. Rev. Figur serves as LHM regional director for Latin America. They were joined by representatives from the LCMS office of international mission, namely Rev. and Mrs. Dan McMiller and Rev. and Mrs. Kevin Robson, as well as by Rev. John Messmann from Texas who helps coordinate the Lutheran mission outreach to Mozambique.

Rev. Figur and his wife hosted the party to a Brazilian barbecue known as a churrasco. The event provided wonderful fellowship and a good opportunity to talk informally about Lutheran mission worldwide and the LTS, its role, and its challenges and opportunities in this regard.