Meeting up with Rev. Jacob Gaugert

After visiting one of the LTS’ sister seminaries, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis in Missouri, USA, Rector Winterle and Bishop Maragelo met up with LCMS Missionary to Togo Rev. Jacob Gaugert in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Rev. Gaugert serves as a theological educator at the Lutheran Center for Theological Studies in Dapaong, Togo, a Francophone Lutheran seminary serving many churches in West Africa. Gaugert is currently on furlough in the USA, reconnecting with the congregations supporting him in prayer and with financial gifts, and he was very helpful to our representatives as they travelled around the LCMS in finding transport and accommodation, making contacts, and attending conferences throughout the Midwest. We pray the Lord’s blessings for Rev. Gaugert during his time in the US, and also for his return to Togo and wherever else the Lord might send him in Africa next year.